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Products and Services

The Integration of Digital Platforms Begins With PLAY.


The experienced team at Gamamobi has superb insights into consumer behavior. With ideas and business acumen, we develop 4 major platforms based on the idea of “PLAY.” We delve into users' habits and needs to fulfill the overarching goal of borderless entertainment. No matter who you are -- an employer, a shop owner, a consumer or a user, you can have fun gaming, have fun shopping, have fun advertising, and have fun travelling.

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Multinational Game Agency and R&D

As a sophisticated game developer and a multinational group that specializes in the integration of digital platforms, Gamamobi offers industry-leading services in product development, marketing, technical support, operation, and customer service. With business acumen in the digital industry, Gamamobi assists game developers in the localization of their products and maximization of their revenue.


Gamamobi’s in-house R&D center develops games to perfection. The integration of Metaverse and E-Sports take our gaming business to the next level.

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TripCan acts as the connector between the “wish makers” and the sellers from countries all around the world. Simply make a wishlist for specific foreign goods or even a limited edition item, and locals in any country where your desired product is available can take your order through TripCan's global matching service, then purchase on behalf of the wish makers.

TripCan creates opportunities for travelers to make some money during their trip and also generates income for local shops who may otherwise have limited access to the global market. Prepare your wishlist and shop globally and easily without borders with TripCan.

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YesAD Global Advertisement Matching Platform

YesAD offers countless creative channels for offline advertisement directly through the internet, anytime, anywhere.


YesAD connects users who are willing to offer available space and external advertisers who are willing to pay. From phone cases to pedestrians' clothing to vinyl wrapping cars, YesAD makes impossible offline exposure possible — even on campus. Schools rarely allow advertisers to enter regardless of the market value for commercial activities to maintain the school atmosphere - YesAD delivers advertising effectiveness by creating Ads and marketing slogans to perfectly fit in the vibe of the target audience.

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