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Corporate Culture & Vision

Our vision is to "connect every valuable moments with PLAY."

Gamamobi aims to provide players with an unprecedented experience. We bravely innovate to deliver the joy of gaming to all our clients and players.


"People-Oriented" is the basis of our corporate culture which brings our team together and values the participation and career development of every one of our employees. We believe our culture is the key to unlocking the true potential of every member of our company.

Bold but Detail Oriented

Dare to dream, dare to try. Care more than anyone else about the details in everything you do.

Be Faster

Moving fast without causing problems is a true sign of skill. Whatever you want to do, do it straight away - immediately - get it done. Being one step behind is all it takes to lose.

Never Stop Learning

The market is always changing. It is always worth learning new things, so foster an open mind and always listen to your heart.

Share Selflessly

Always share your professional experience for everyone to learn from - even a simple point of view can have great meaning.

Equality in the Workplace

Take responsibility based on your work, and honestly hold accountability. Quality of communication should never be affected by job title or hierarchy.

Fight Harder, Be Braver

Reflect deeply on your mistakes,then make a list of your actions to avoid making the same mistake twice. Don't be afraid of your mistakes, but bravely use them to fight on and become stronger.

Everything Comes Back to You

At work, with coworkers, doing work - if it's related to the company, it's related to you. Cultivate a healthy attitude of helping and asking for help.

Complaining Doesn't Help Anyone

You can't complain to solve your problems,confront your problems with communication to find a solution. Don't create a toxic environment by complaining but not confronting.

Communicate Fearlessly

Selflessness, equality, practicality. As long as the best interests of the company are at heart, every opinion should be expressed regardless of job position or title.

Solve Problems Objectively

To do things well, and to do things right, communicate honestly and directly. Never personally attack or slander anyone else.

Be Faster than the Competition

Think ahead and consider all the variables. Be ready to respond calmly to any situation.

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