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An all-new Open World Metaverse Mobile Game in collaboration with various global brands! Your fantasy life begins with

MetaCity M!

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MetaCity M

Start Your Metaverse Life

War of GAMA delivers fantasy to reality and redefines what it means to be an MMORPG. Unleash your fury in battle, and wage war on a global scale

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War of GAMA

Adventure Beyond Your Imagination

Topping mobile charts, the online popular real-time strategy game Infinity Kingdom allows you to wage a global war at home and across the world - all on the same server! You must defend the hearts of civilizations and kingdoms!

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Infinity Kingdom

A game with beautiful design, gameplay, and mechanics on a mobile phone is no longer limited to the realm of your imagination. This mobile game built with a next-generation engine erases any misconceptions about the limitations of mobile gaming.

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Forsaken World

Look Through Your Phone to Another World

Collaborating with Masami Kurota, anime and manga style CV and plots are perfectly reimagined. A deep and interesting story and engrossing gameplay evokes feelings of love and friendship.

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Saint Seiya : Awakening

Persist and Overcome as a Saint



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